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OpenedXHack – May 2015

France Open edX Hackathon
48 hours to imagine the MOOC platform of tomorrow


This hackathon was organized by IONISx, France Université Numérique and edX.

This nationwide event took place in 8 French cities: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

It was hosted by ETNA, Epitech and ENSIIE.

Projects were judged by 18 jury members, including 6 edX team members.

Official website: (French), (English).


  • 180 attendees
  • 13 working demos presented
  • 7 groups named as winners

The projects developed by participants confirm three main current and emerging trends in ed tech: interactivity (avoiding passive content), personalization (adapting the experience to each learner), and accessibility (accessing content from any device, avoiding downloading large video files).


Team name City Description Links
外语2CommonLanguage Nancy Add a “translate” button to forum posts GitHub, YouTube
YOLO SWAG Lyon Open edX raspberry pi clustering
Gutenberg and Bruxelles Paris XBlock to easily create interactive videos with quizzes GitHub, YouTube
Motification Lyon Reduce student turnover on the Open edX platform Doc
KNOTES Marseille XBlock for inline video annotations GitHub, YouTube
Open Domoscio Paris Facilitate the revision process with automatic reminders to better solidify learning and increase engagement by adding Domoscio algorithm in Open edX with an API YouTube (coming soon)
SwagMastaMLG420 Toulouse Improve the mobile application’s user-friendliness
Team63 Toulouse Offline video access for any device
E2PZ Toulouse Fun and easy way to propose suitable content to the user GitHub
Tip Top Forum BZH Rennes Ergonomic mobile interface for forums
générale d'optique Toulouse Quizzes through regular notifications
PédagoGeek Paris Improved course notes
XD-Block Strasbourg Man-Hill to optimize pedagogical paths GitHub
azerteam Toulouse Google Chrome extension that displays course notifications
A20 Toulouse Improve mobile application’s user interface
Peer en peer Strasbourg Peer to peer evaluation
Sylvaticus Bzh Rennes Rework the dashboard to display chronology and progress YouTube
Tout seul Lyon Display courses on the homepage as a Carousel Screenshot
Edverywhere Paris Prototype Android application to consume MOOC content in multiple formats (audio, video or text) APK, YouTube
edX Viewer team Toulouse Popcorntime for Open edX
Mooker Bordeaux Mobile application and recommendation engine based on users’ taste GitHub


First round winners

Teams that made it through the first pitches were teams that had working demos to present.

Top 3 final round winners

Grand prize winner






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